If you’re a student or graduate trying to get experience or their first professional role, you’ll feel right at home here!

I’m Destiny, a History and Politics graduate eagerly on the hunt for her first professional job in PR. I’m a 22 year-old Londoner who loves films, travelling, and¬†anything green and edible! I’m a positive spirit who is very excited to see what my post-uni future holds.

I though it would be a great idea to plot my journey into the PR industry as it happens, to really tell you what it’s like.

Here you’re going to get real life experiences, inspiration, little gems of advice, defiantly some ranting and hopefully some laughs. So come and join me on my journey, and don’t be afraid to get involved. If you have any advice or questions, contact me via the comments or my social media in the menu.

Now let’s get me a job!