Lessons Learned

The transition from student to graduate has not been an easy one. Trying to navigate through the maze of finding a job, without having any indication of how to do so has been a challenge. University is all about getting your degree to ensure you have the qualifications and skills for the job, but they leave out how to market yourself in order to convince a company to give you that job! A few applications later, and this is now what I know.

Finding a full time job is a full time job

I had no idea how time consuming it was to fill in applications. Each company wants to know why you are picking them and everything in relation to your employability. And somehow you need to fit all that information on two pages of A4 or in boxes with 200 character limits. And once you’ve found that long list of employers, apply and repeat.

All that research was time consuming and overwhelming at times. But I found browsing websites and social media accounts of employers helped me understand a business’s character, as a basis for answering why I wanted to work with them. Also, giving myself a target of 3 job applications per day was great for streamlining my energy and focus, and lifted my spirits as I was able to achieve my daily target, making the task a lot easier.

I will have to look at my CV a lot

Literally hours were spent crafting my CV. There was genuinely at a point I didn’t want to see it ever again. I created so many versions for various routes, at one point I had over 30 CVs on my desktop. But without those many versions I would not have got my well refined, clear and direct CV I now have today.

The basic format I eventually found worked for me was one with a profile, skills list, history of education and employers and interests. This way I was able to effectively showcase who I am, what I want and what I can offer. However, being open and flexible to changing your CV is key in order to match what an employer is looking for, so keep this in mind graduates. I now understand continuously updating my CV is one way I will get closer to my dream job.

Picking a field you actually want to pursue is half the fight

Being approached by sales and recruitment agencies was great! I had just graduated and the jobs where coming to me! I was going to interviews regularly, building my confidence approaching employers, and was presented with opportunities of large earning potential.

But something was missing. The passion for the roles were missing. And I’m a person that cannot put energy into something if I’m not passionate about it. Especially as something as monumental as my career. So I went back to the drawing board. I had a brainstorm of what I want from my career and what skills had to offers. Voila – It seemed PR was the industry for me.

I’m definitely still on the journey discovering the world of PR. I’m doing this by talking to people within the industry, completing internships and reading material online. So far, it seems I’m on the right path. I would definitely advise graduates to take the time to figure out what they want to do, because it will make the process a whole lot easier.

So, they are just a few of the many lessons I’m sure to learn on my journey to my dream job.


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