Can I Please Have A Job Now?


The ‘now’ may come across as demanding, but I promise it’s definitely an eager ‘now’. The divorce has been hard on me, and I’m ready for a new, stable and long lasting relationship. So, goodbye education and hello career! What I miss the most about my eighteen year-long relationship with education, are the romantic texts from Student Finance England that read “your money will arrive in your Bank Account within 3 working days”. They were always welcomed with such enthusiasm and joy!

I need to place that enthusiasm somewhere else now. After settling back in London, I was now over my university blues and had to decide what career I would pursue. The blessing of having studied a History and Politics degree is there are so many career options to choose from. So fortunately, I’m not restricted to only two options of either being a teacher or librarian, as a lot of people would think. And I could still be an accountant, if I really wanted to.

I’ve developed excellent written and research skills, thousands of words and hundreds of books later. Flexibility, adaptability and organisation come naturally to me, as I juggled essay deadlines, part time work and rugby training. I had the opportunity to study in Florida as part of my degree and travelled up the East Coast. Planning the journey up to New York definitely had its obstacles of trying to figure out where to stay, what to do and how to get around – all on a budget. But, I successfully resolved my travelling dilemma and had the best experience in my life so far!

So after evaluating what I achieved at university and the skills I had obtained, I did my research. A career in public relations sounded great! I would be able to use my communication, research, time management, team player and trouble shooting skills. Also, my naturally creative flare from my love of acting, interpersonal skills from my customer service experience, and social media management skills I automatically possess as a millennial, are exactly what is needed in a PR role.

This process made me realised whatever stage someone is at within their career, whether as a student, a graduate or an Account Director, it is important to look your achievements and skills to help you realise your value in the job market. Also, provide a springboard for where you want to be in the future. Especially as an unsure graduate, I questioned was my degree worth anything? The job market is saturated with so many humanities and social science graduates like myself, but I realised I just have to remember what I have achieved and what that says about my potential.

Now I know what I want to do, and I believe I can do it, can I please have a job now?


And that is where the journey began…


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